The Energy of Spirituality: Why We Have to have It

“”Just as a candle can not burn without the need of fire, males can not reside without the need of spirituality.”” ~Buddha I was so moved not too long ago by “”Fierce Light,”” a documentary about how spirituality motivates folks to take bold action in order to transform the planet. What brought me to an ocean of tears in this documentary was an interview with Julia Butterfly Hill, the environmental activist who lived in the ancient “”Luna”” tree in the Redwood forest in CA for two years straight to save the tree from its demise. In the course of her peaceful demonstration, Julia had witnessed her co-activist, David Gypsy Chain, die below a tree that fell on him since it was reduce down.

Even right after this painfully heart-wrenching ordeal, Julia remarkably kept her vigilance for social activism and hope alive, eventually saving the Luna tree. It was apparent that Julia’s journey to continue to have faith in mankind came from a deep location of spirituality. She believed – and rightfully so – that when we kill our trees, we kill ourselves since we are all one particular with nature and this Universe. Her deep sense of this spiritual Oneness with nature, since humans are dependent on it, produced her so vigilant in her beliefs that she sat in the tree for two years without the need of ever stepping on soil.

Whilst Julia Hill – who is a one particular in a million souls out there – embraced her spirituality so deeply to transform the planet, we do not have to go to such brave extremes to make it helpful in our lives. Spirituality, as I often say, really should be applied as a sensible tool for transforming our personal lives since the foundation for healthier and content living is to have a peaceful thoughts and soul. Like water or meals, we can not reside without the need of it. By way of spirituality, we connect with the greater energies, which reveals the truth about ourselves, so we can make selections in our lives that bring which means and fulfillment – that is happiness. Spirituality, applied in its universal and purest kind, which is adore, brings out the greatest in folks since then we reside in service of other individuals and God.

It is also our greatest resource in life since it aids us to handle our greatest obstacles we face each and every day. Exactly where do we obtain the strength to move on when our loved ones die on us or when we drop our job or when we obtain out that we have a fatal illness like cancer? Exactly where do we obtain hope in our hopeless days to provide us from from darkness into light, from evening into day, from bondage into freedom? I do not think that a college education – and even the greatest ones – can aid us deal with these life altering challenges. The greatest education to cope with life is spirituality.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on an highly-priced college, which does not even assure a far better life, we can tap into the totally free education of spirituality, which I assure has a considerably greater price of results for assisting our lives. For the reason that it is when we connect to the divine energies inside ourselves, we can tap into our personal inner strength and resiliency that supply an emotional life line to which we can anchor ourselves, enabling us to manage any predicament. With out spirituality, our life line is lost in the sea, just asking yourself in treacherous waters with no objective.

By way of spirituality, specifically in the course of difficult occasions, we have faith that the Universe has a higher wisdom and program for us even when life appears so unfair or beats us down to our lowest point. Our faith makes it possible for us to hold onto hope and carry on, just as Julia Hill did right after witnessing her pal die. We can also find out to let go of hate, anger and resentment, which all lead to self destruction, and adore once again. We can close one particular chapter of our lives, realizing that God will open a far better one particular and has currently planted that seed. And we can take our hands off the steering wheel and let God do the driving even with our blinders on realizing that there is a divine program.

By way of our spiritual faith, we can get up each and every time we fall down. Anytime I’ve had disappointments in my personal life, I placed my faith in God by letting go of the predicament, and the outcome often came out far better than I could ever have imagined. In hind sight, we can see 20/20, but in seeking forward, our future appears blurry, which is when our faith in spirituality becomes our greatest glasses for the possibility of seeing a vibrant future. I am so passionate about advertising spirituality since I know its transformative energy in folks lives, so I often believe, “”what a shame,”” when folks pass on it, specifically when it really is totally free! Being aware of that the energy of spirituality is almighty and magical, how can we not tap into it? I think that a lot of of us had been brainwashed into a adverse view by religious righteousness.

Persons who make it about religious doctrines and dogmas – that preach it really is their way or the higher way – I think, is undertaking a disservice to the huge positive aspects of living a spiritual life. They make it voodoo so folks run away. I had a roommate who shunned spirituality since when she was forced to go to church, she had to listen to a Catholic priest dictate how absolutely everyone really should reside. This turned her off to her church, religion, and to spirituality as a entire, which I can have an understanding of. For me, spirituality is merely a sensible tool to aid us navigate our lives. When spirituality is stripped and naked from all of the dogmatic teachings and rituals set by churches, temples, and so on, it bares itself in Universal truths of adore, peace, and compassion, transcending all race, colour, creed, religions or political beliefs.

These truths only show us the path to our light, not darkness. No matter what type of spiritual path we embrace– or lack thereof – in the course of the course of our lives, I never believe also a lot of of us will be regretting about how considerably funds we produced or what kind of property we lived in when we’re on our death beds. In our final hours, I think that we all come to a spiritual location, exactly where we are prepared to set our egos totally free and prepare our souls to return property and grow to be one particular with this divine Universe. Whilst my sister Sun in no way lived a spiritual life, when she was diagnosed with cancer, she turned her energies to God and serving her family members and good friends.

In her final days of her life, she sang “”Astounding Grace”” even below heavy morphine, preparing herself to return to the heavenly kingdom of God. Even when we in no way lived a spiritual life, we all touch upon it when our souls are prepared to move on to the astral plane. But why need to we wait for death to stare us down to touch on spirituality when we can connect to it proper right here, proper now? Our greatest energy in becoming alive is when we reside in the present moment by tapping into spirituality.

It is in the energy of now, exactly where hope and fearlessness reside, that we can accept death, so we can embrace life to its fullest. Spirituality teaches us that death is just a different transformation of our souls into a greater level of consciousness, so death is not seriously death but seriously a different life right after life, so we do not have to worry it. On a worldwide scale, spirituality has the energy to make folks contact to action in strategies that transform the planet, as we saw in Julia Hill’s case. In “”Fierce Light,”” John Lewis, a Black activist in the course of the Martin Luther King civil rights movement, mentioned, “”Soul force is this energy, the spirit, this faith, or what ever you want to contact it or describe it.

It is so more than powering and so moving. It is a force that can stand the storms. It is a force that provides you the energy, the courage, give you the stuff.”” Spirituality gave Rosa Parks the courage to sit on the bus amongst white folks it gave Julia Hill the energy to sit in the Luna tree for two years it gave Mother Teresa the calling to serve the poorest of the poor and it provides every and absolutely everyone of us the energy to reside in our personal truth.

My heart is often a tiny heavier when I believe about all of the endless troubles in the planet – wars, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, atmosphere – but what provides me hope in such dark occasions is my faith in spirituality, which I think will continue to spread its wings farther out into the planet with the message of adore and hope – since we are not only prepared for this considerably-necessary message, but it really is the only answer to our troubles.

Whilst spirituality is the most effective way to make a true distinction in the planet, it is also the only way to obtain and come property to ourselves. I leave you with the most profound – and spiritual – words by Julia Butterfly Hill that shook the depths of my soul and brought me to an ocean of tears: When I was in Luna, there was a point when I wanted to give up hope since they had reduce down so a lot of trees about me. They had reduce a tree down on prime of a 24 year old activist named David Gypsy Chain that killed him. And each and every time I say that, I commence to cry, and I will for the rest of my life, and I did not want to have hope any longer, since I was so angry and I was in so considerably discomfort…

But in that moment, I did not want energy, did not want to make a distinction, I just wanted to come down and say neglect the planet, I am just gonna go and take care of myself. But I was praying, that is what I do. At the finish it came to me was: Julia, as lengthy as your heart is committed in action and you have hope, even if you are the only one particular left, then there is hope in the planet…