Why Are There So Numerous Religious Philosophy Classes At the Neighborhood College Level?

Not lengthy ago, I picked up the college catalog of classes for the “”College of the Desert”” a neighborhood neighborhood college. I believed hey, I may well delight in a couple of evening college classes, I imply I under no circumstances want to quit studying suitable? Interestingly sufficient, fortunately I have quite a few interests in quite a few diverse subjects all through the human endeavor in small business, sports, politics, economics, the nonprofit sector, and even military. So, it really is not complicated to locate topic matter that I may well be prepared to understand in higher detail. As I was perusing by way of this college catalog of classes, I noticed there have been a handful of philosophy classes.

That sounded fascinating to me, nevertheless all but a single of the philosophy classes had to do with religious philosophy. Think me when I inform you, I am way beyond that, and it does not interest me in the slightest. On top of that, I would say to you that aspect of the issue with modern day philosophy is that it is constructed on the shoulders of giants, and the final 2000 years of Western philosophy has been stifled with its religious connotations. In truth most of it came from a religious viewpoint, and for that reason it restricted believed rather than permitting it to progress. I am not positive why this distinct neighborhood college had six religious philosophy classes and only a single common philosophy class.

You see, philosophically considering a single could say that quite a few of the key complications which plague mankind across the surface of the planet occurred to be the fighting that goes on more than religion. So then, why repeat the errors of the previous, and teach the subsequent generation of students the similar crazy philosophy that has brought on all of these complications? Certainly, a lot more concerns, and no answers, but is not that what philosophy is all about. You see, if I am not permitted to ask these concerns, then what excellent is the philosophy we are teaching in today’s colleges.

Now thoughts you if you go to a 4 year University there are an abundance of philosophy classes, but should not there be a lot more philosophy classes at the neighborhood college level as effectively? Lastly, as a single progresses in philosophical believed a single has currently answered and addressed all of these religious concerns at some point, and it really is time to take their thoughts to a larger level. If a excellent quite a few students under no circumstances attain the 4 year University, and this is the only philosophy they get, then possibly their minds under no circumstances turn into totally created, rather nevertheless torn amongst these debated concerns surrounding human mythology, superstition, and religion.